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As a busy gardener, you’re looking for solutions that save you time and help ensure the success of everything you plant. AquaPots self-watering containers deliver just that. Not only are they the finest in self-watering planters, you will be amazed how simple it can be to enhance your outdoor living spaces using one-of-a-kind AquaPots. You’re going to love the look of the lush, vibrant plantings, not to mention the time and hassle saved in watering.
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But what exactly are AquaPots?

AquaPots is an exceptional new concept in self-watering containers invented by Jack Barnwell, an award-winning landscape architect. Barnwell saw the need for gorgeous, commercial-grade, self-watering containers for the variety of properties he services across the country. He worked to develop this stylish yet practical solution for his clients and is proud to now have them available at garden centers around the country. This collection is handmade by the company’s craftsmen using time-tested techniques and an old-world kiln that gives each piece its own special character.
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So Proven Winners is selling pottery now?

Proven Winners is entering the pottery market by adding the new AquaPots line of luxury-grade, self-watering containers to our brand family in a variety of unique styles. The goal of Proven Winners remains consistent, no matter the product: to bring beautiful, high-performance solutions to market. AquaPots are a clear extension of that mission, making gardening easier, more successful, and accessible to all levels of gardeners, and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce them.
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See the Key Benefits of AquaPots:

  • The convenience of a self-watering pot with the beauty of high-quality, glazed ceramics.
  • An overflow valve ensures plants cannot be overwatered.
  • A cleaner look that can be enjoyed anywhere instead of needing to stay where plumbing is located.
  • Elimination of fertilizer leaching and runoff.
  • No more water ring stains on the deck or porch.
  • Smaller AquaPots last at least a week between waterings; larger pots last up to one month.
  • One quarter of the water is used with AquaPots vs. similar sized pots on drip irrigation.
  • Beautifully grown plants have continuous access to fertilizer-infused water.
  • Frost- and freeze-resistant ceramic. Simply empty the pot and flip it over for winter (in northern gardens).
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“We love our AquaPots! They are stunning and always look perfect. No muss or fuss, and believe me, I have tried many pots in the past which always gave us problems with overwatering or underwatering. We like the varied heights, which add interest around our pool on the screened lanai.”
Chrissy and Don P. – Marco Island, FL