How Does It Work?

graphic displaying how Aquapots work

While you’re saving time and labor, the plants grown in AquaPots are bursting with vigor due to their consistent access to nutrient-infused water.

AquaPots use 75% less water than drip irrigation systems without the hassle of drip tubing. Simply top off the tank once per week, or even less frequently for extra-large AquaPots.

The risk of overwatering is eliminated by the overflow valve. Even in heavy rain, the valve maintains the proper water level in the pot.

Nutrient-infused water continually feeds the plants without any runoff or waste. Simply add two scoops of Proven Winners Premium Continuous Release Plant Food to the fill tube at the time of planting, and it will continue to feed for up to six months.

Because the soil and water reservoirs remain completely separate, AquaPots won’t become clogged, and the plants’ roots won’t suffocate from too much moisture.

Heavy duty components assemble and disassemble easily with no tools required. The self-watering insert can easily be taken apart, cleaned, and reused year after year.

The completely sealed pot eliminates unsightly staining on the deck or lanai surface.


The AquaPots Story

Jack Barnwell

Aquapots were born out of necessity. In 2014, Jack Barnwell started a company in Naples, Florida, called C3 Gardens. He wanted to develop a company focused almost exclusively on beautiful container combinations for commercial and residential properties in southwest Florida, and felt there was enough of a market there to specialize in it.

Jack Barnwell

With a successful landscape company in Michigan, Jack had a very good understanding, over the last decade, of the desired look that many customers wanted, but also knew that level of quality was not currently being offered. He also knew that to have successful container plantings, they had to either be hooked up to a drip irrigation line or hand watered daily for best results. However, those two options created multiple headaches from a logistical standpoint of reliability and staffing.

Jack Barnwell

Partnering with long time friend and greenhouse owner Tom Smith of Four Star Greenhouse, together they realized the best way to water plants, hands down, was through sub-irrigation. Tom grows millions of small plants on vast flood floors that water the plant from the bottom up and thus keep the foliage completely dry. Jack and Tom started to experiment with how to develop this technology into gorgeous ceramic containers that would function well while also looking spectacular.

Jack Barnwell

Jack had been using this beautiful pottery for quite a few years in both northern Michigan and Florida for enhancing landscape projects and knew that it was by far the most beautiful glazed pottery on the market. So, it was the natural next step to see if it was possible to integrate Aquapots technology at the point of production in Vietnam. After honing the design there, Jack has taken them to the market nationwide. With a wonderful distribution partner in BFG Distributors, the best of industry marketing from Proven Winners, and a top-quality product that works wonderfully from Michigan to Florida and everywhere in between, Aquapots are sure to live up to their name as “the finest in self-watering planters.”

“I’ll admit I was skeptical that they would work. However, after one full summer season of watering pots on our docks once a week as opposed to every other day, the labor savings alone paid for the entire collection of gorgeous pots! The plants and flowers looked amazing all season long.”
Chris Shepler – President, Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry, MI