Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find AquaPots?

First check your local retail garden centers and ask for AquaPots by name as other similar containers will not be effective. Check out our map of garden centers that have recently purchased Aquapots.

If no garden center near you carries Aquapots, you can purchase yours online from Proven Winners here.

Can they withstand the southern heat?

They certainly can! We have trialed AquaPots in the full, hot sun of southern Florida for six years and have been amazed at the vigor and plant health in multiple scenarios. We even had some large Aquapots go through the eye of Hurricane Irma, and they not only didn’t move, the plants quickly rebounded and looked great a week later.

What should I do with my AquaPots in colder winter months?

If you experience freezing weather we recommend emptying your AquaPots of soil and water, then storing them somewhere warmer and away from the elements, like a garage or shed. AquaPots can also be left outside all winter if emptied and turned upside down.

Can the insert be sold separately and used in my existing pots?

Yes! Learn more about our AquaPots Insert on the Products page that lets you turn your favorite containers into self-watering success stories.

How do I know when to water my AquaPots?

With our unique overflow prevention features, you cannot over water plants in an AquaPots container or insert. Water at least once a week, possibly twice during the hottest scorching part of summer, and you should be good to go.

When watering, be sure to fill the container completely so you optimize the self-watering feature. You can tell it is full as soon as you either hear the water get close to the overflow - it whistles a bit - or when it spits a bit of water out.